About Us


In pursuit of service excellence, customers today demand the highest level of service from the industry. No organisation on its own may possibly meet the more discerning need of today's sophisticated customers. Recognising this need to provide the complete one stop service, a grouping of three exceptional companies has joined forces to form the -BERTAM GROUP THE COMPANY.


Through Bertam Properties Sdn. Bhd., the group is spearheading the northern region's most advanced and futuristic township development. Covering an area about 3,750 acres the comprehensive township of Bertam Perdana is strategically located in the high growth area of the Northern Development Corridor. Bertam Properties Sdn.Bhd. is embarking on a very ambitious and looking forward development.


As the education hub Bertam is surrounding with UiTM, MRSM Kepala Batas, Sek. Men. Sains Kepala Batas, USM Dentistry College, Industrial Training Institute,Dentistry College, nursing college,community college, primary and secondary school. An educational institute for the community is planned with the promises.


Bertam Perdana is a township for the future. With its visionary planning development, Bertam Perdana is set to be the choice township in the Northern Region. The entire development preserves the sanctity of the relationship between man and nature, providing for the physical needs ( recreational beautiful landscaping and cooling rest areas ) as well as the spiritual and emotional needs ( quiet, safe and private ). The open neighborhood concepts promotes good neighborliness whilst optimising landscaping opportunities.

Bertam Perdana is scheduled for complete development by year 2020. As a comprehensive township development for the millennium, current planning integrates design for a computer literate society. Extensive neighborhood and urban landscaping will be pleasing to the eye and will complement the natural cooling provided by a unique manmade lake.In keeping with the concept of wholesome living, light, non-polluting industrial development is planned under the green, environment friendly concept.