Description of Projects

Community College

The campus is located in Taman Bertam Indah. It started operation in 2001 and it offers main courses like automotive, building and animation at certificate level.

Their vision is to train and produce skilled workers to cater the needs of nation’s very own ‘vision 2020’. Their curriculums and learning modules emphasize more on skill with practical component of 75% and theory 25%.

The college has attracted 879 students and lectures from outside Seberang Perai Utara and it is now one of the attraction in Bertam and Kepala Batas.

Mara Junior College (MRSM)

MRSM located in 65 acres land in Taman Pendidikan Abdullah Fahim.

The project cost is RM 43 million and it is now completed with the first intake of 840 students in 2007.

Its strategic location in Taman Pendidikan Abdullah Fahim clearly complements the other components of development in Bertam Perdana, particularly the learning institution.

Industrial Training Institute (ILP)

The institute is located in 54 acres land in our industrial park. It is 1 of 22 similar training centers managed by Human Resource Department. It offers four courses with the latest and modern machineries. Courses offered are computer network technology, multimedia technology, printing and electrical on full and part time basis.

It started operation in 2004 with the objective to train and create skilled workers for both government and private sectors

Kepala Batas Science School

Federal Government has acquired 35 acres site for the setting up of Integrated School. The proposal for the setting up of this school has been included in 9th Malaysia Plan (RM9). The construction works started in 2007 and fully completed in March 2009, with the first intake of 200 students.

Penang International Dental College (PIDC)

PIDC will be located at 10 acres site and adjacent to the proposed 40 acres Nursing College. It offers Bachelor Of Dental Surgery, a twinning program with VMRF Salem, India.

PIDC offers spacious class rooms, hi-tech laboratory facilities and a state-of-the- art dental hospital with 250 dental chairs spread over 150,000 sq. ft.

It proposed to commence construction works in middle of 2007 but the admissions process have started.

PIDC, once completed will be a landmark dental institute in South East Asia.

Forward Operating Base (FOB), BOMBA

The Federal Government has acquired a 40 acres site for the setting up of the Forward Operation Base (FOB).

The construction work is in progress and scheduled completion by end of 2009. Once completed, the FOB will have a complete operating base infrastructures such as quarters, control tower, helipad and landscape.

With its latest facilities and helicopter unit, this FOB is indeed a great facility to the whole Kepala Batas and surrounding areas.

NAZA Corporation Sdn Bhd

The 838 acres site located in Bertam Industrial Park. NAZA has announced that they intend to build a RM 1 billion plant throughout few phases of development plan.

The setting up of the new plant in Bertam would definitely be a catalyst to the overall developments in Seberang Perai Utara. It is also in line with the government National Automotive Policy (NAP) that designate Bertam as one of the automotive centers.

Abedeen Perdana Resort

The 23 acres site located at Bertam commercial area. The construction works has started in April 2006 and fully completed in January 2009. Development of the hotel consists of 293 rooms for 3, 4, & 5 star hotel and theme parks.

The proposed hotel will cater for accommodation needs by visitors who come to Kepala Batas and surrounding areas. With all the future developments in Kepala Batas, the setting up of this hotel would definitely be something that everybody has been waiting for.

USM Advance Medical & Dental Institute

The first holistic Advanced Medical and Dental Institute Hospital (AMDIH) is estimated to be able to accommodate 500 beds. The hospital which uses advanced technology is needed as a National Reference Center in some specialized fields such as Bionic Medicine, Clinical Toxicology/Poisoning, Complementary Medicine, Immunological Sciences and Oral Sciences AMDIH is sited at Taman Pendidikan Abdullah Fahim. The area allocated is 112 acres and expected to be first of its kind in northern region. The setting up of this institute will be a great boost to the development not only for Taman Pendidikan Abdullah Fahim, but Seberang Perai Utara as a whole.

The project has been awarded to Zambina Wawasan Sdn Bhd.

Township Mosque (State Government)

The proposed RM 35 million mosque will be sited at 14 acres land fronting the vision park.For this purpose, Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd has given 7 acres land to the State government as a social obligation to the communities and remaining 7 acres by acquisition.

It can accomodate of  about 5,000 congregations or jemaah at any one time.

The mosque will serve not only Bertam Perdana but the whole Bertam as well. Its unique and attractive design will be one of the major attraction for Kepala Batas and surrounding areas. Designated as the Seberang Perai Utara District Mosque.

MARA University Of Technology (UiTM)

The government has announced that the students for UiTM would be increased to 200,000 nationwide. In relation to this, the present 100 acres branch campus in Permatang Pauh, Seberang Perai Tengah is quite congested and obviously not able to accommodate new students in large quantity.

We have proposed a site of 228 acres located in Taman Pendidikan Abdullah Fahim for their branch campus. The site offered is the best for this purpose, judging from its feasibility and surrounding developments.

Ministry of Higher Education has agreed with the proposed site and the Sales & Purchase Agreement has been duly signed on 3rd July 2007.

Nursing College (Ministry of Health)

The purpose of setting up this college is to replace an overcrowded Nursing College in Bukit Mertajam. Once completed, the operation of existing college in Bukit Mertajam will be ceased and shifted to the new premise.

The proposed site is 50 acres and located just opposite our Bertam Perdana 5 residential area.

The proposed site has been surrendered to The Ministry of Health by way of acquisition and construction works is undergoing.

Vision Park

The Vision Park was a brain child of our former Prime Minister, that to have a lake in a fast-developed Bertam which is similar to the one in Putrajaya. For this purpose, a 100 acres site has been allocated just opposite Nursing College site.

The park consists of 60 acres lake and the balance of 40 acres is recreational area, with 2 phases of development plan. Phase 1 of the park is completed and serve as the attraction for Bertam Perdana community. The 1st phase is equipped with jogging track, esplanade, wetland, outdoor gym etc.

Realizing the needs to have a nature and landscape conservation, the setting up of this park is part of our commitment towards building a sustainable development.

Armstrong Auto Parts

Armstrong Auto Parts Sdn Bhd (AAPSB) is manufacturing automotive components and supplying to Proton, Perodua, Innokom, Modenas, Honda, Yamaha, Toyota, etc. Currently, they have about 1400 employees and operating in 6 (six) factories located in Perai and Tikam Batu.

The new large & modern factory in Bertam would be sited at 46 acres land, which is located adjacent to NAZA land. Once completed, all machineries and current operation will be shifted to the new premise.

The setting up of this factory in Bertam clearly makes a significant impact on the aspect of automotive parts distribution among current automotive players in Northern Region.