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Bertam group

Property Development, Golf Course & Club House

In Seberang Perai, Penang

The BERTAM GROUP of Companies was incorporated in 1991, from the formation of a joint venture by three conglomerates, an amalgamation of high achievers in their respective fields.

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UDA Holdings Sdn Bhd

A household name in urban restructuring and development, responsible for such successful projects like Bandar Baru UDA Johor Bahru, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, BB Plaza Kuala Lumpur and Saujana Golf Resort Subang.


Bertam Consolidated Rubber Co. Ltd.

Established in 1906. A subsidiary of multinational Bertam Holdings Plc London, a listed company in the London Stock Exchange, a reputable name in the plantation industry.

Johor Land Berhad

An integrated property development group owned by Johor Corporation and established in 1972. Johor Land’s activities are property development, construction and property investment and management.

Business Activity

The BERTAM GROUP is involved

in the following business

Property Development

Comprehensive township development of 3,755 acres site at Bertam Perdana, North Seberang Prai, Penang, since 1992. The development comprises of housing, amenities, public transport terminal, commercial centre, hypermarket, industrial, warehouse and educational institution and is expected to complete by 2020.

Golf Course & Clubhouse

The 500 acre resort is developed by Penang Golf Resort Berhad, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd as part of the township’s property development integrating real estate with golf course development and nature.

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Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd Organisation Chart

Development Concept

Development Masterplan of Bertam Perdana

A New Lifestyle is a Planned Environment

In line with its development philosophy of dedicating its resources towards the betterment of the people and quality of life, it is the aspiration of Bertam Perdana to evolve a “ new lifestyle” for all Malaysian, and with its, a “new attitude” of spirited growth and progress.

Development Profile

The site measures 3,755 acres located in the North Seberang Perai district of Penang has been earmarked as the “new focal point of the nation’s growth”. The new township will form the future district and administrative center of North Seberang Perai. This “self contained“ township will incorporate modern commercial centers, residential housing, complete with modern amenities and public services. All these are part of the Bertam Development’s policy of providing “fully integrated quality living” and well-planned environment, in a choice location.

The site is strategically situated within the area of new district administrative center of North Seberang Perai. The Draft Structure Plan of Seberang Perai (1985 – 2000), Kepala Batas has been earmarked as the major growth center of the north. Areas around Kepala Batas have also been earmarked as a Development Priority Area for the northern district. On a larger scale, the subject site is situated within the Northern States’ Growth Triangle comprising Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Regionally it is located within the Indonesia – Malaysia –Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT – GT). Hence, the plan to develop the site into an integrated township comprising residential, commercial and industrial correspond with the growth strategies of the Structure Plan and Penang State Government efforts in establishing Kepala Batas as the new administrative center of the North District, SPU.

As Kepala Batas will take over from Butterworth’s role as the administrator of SPU, the population of Kepala Batas is expected to experience growth.

In migrations will take place in the medium to long term as government servants move in order to be closer to work place.

Since the subject site is located within the growth area of Kepala Batas, it presents a scope for industrialization, thus promising employment prospects for the population of SPU.

Location & Accessibility

It is formerly part of the Bertam Estate and situated approximately 22 km by road northeast of Butterworth. It is also approximately 23 km from Sungai Petani by road and 25 km due southeast by road from Bukit Mertajam. The site is in Mukim 6, District of Seberang Perai Utara.

The development is easily accessible from the Federal Route 1 via two main roads, i.e., Jalan Pokok Jenereh, via Kepala Batas Town and Jalan Paya Keladi in the North.

The site is also accessible from the North South Expressway via Bertam Interchange. The expressway also connects the development with the Bayan Lepas Airport and the Butterworth North Port.


The target to ensure Kepala Batas, namely BERTAM PERDANA develop into a regional growth center, warrant a prudent rationale on components of the development. Studies indicated a mixture of development type would be appropriate.

The idea to create new living style, sufficient job and business opportunities and abundant leisure and recreation prompted a balance development mix.

i. Residential

A neighbourhood concept is planned for the residential development. Each neighbourhood would be equipped with basic amenities such as community hall, shops etc. The layout is planned to promote goodwill and interaction.

iI. Industrial

The industrial component is essential to encourage creation of job opportunities and growth. As Malaysia in general and Penang in particular reposition itself within AFTA scope and the commencement of Outlook Perspective Plan 3 (OPP3), Bertam Industrial Park will offer opportunities to the new industries of the 21 st century.

III. Recreation

A 100-acre recreation park is added as a component within the development to create the harmonious atmosphere in the new lifestyle concept. Within the park is a 50-acre lake that will augment the manifestation of quality living in Bertam Perdana. The park is also the focal point of Bertam Perdana that further accentuates coexistence of nature within a development.

IV. Products

Since commencing construction in 1992, Bertam Properties Sdn.Bhd. has completed several projects as listed below: