Vacant Possession, Bertam Lakeview, Single Storey Terrace, Single Storey Semi D and Single Storey Bungalow. (4th and 11th June 2020)




  1. Unify charges for two years will be bear by BPSB. Therefore, property owners are advised to activate the UNIFY within 6 months from the date of vacant possession on 30th August 2016. If the owner fails to active in a timely manner, owners will lack the privileges of service without payment.
  2. BPSB is responsible for basic charges only. All additional charge for any service is the responsibility of the property owner itself.


Alarm System

  1. For free activation service of the alarm system, property owners are encouraged to activate the alarm system within 6 months from the date of vacant possession. Please contact our Customer Service Unit to set an appointment for the service.